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Grove At Grand Bay

Building Information

Year Built:2014
Bedrooms :2 to 6
sq.ft. range *1,194 to 5,692
# of stories20
# of units96
price range *$1,375,000 to $12,500,000
# available units*26
avg ps.ft*$1168.94
avg price *$4,402,846
avg DOM*243
Last Updated : 12-18-2018

Grove At Grand Bay


  • A place touched by the rising sun at the shore of boundless blue sea
  • Step into a lush tropical garden designed with pathways, pools and private alcoves that invite meditation
  • This is the private world of Grove at Grand Bay. This is the poetry of landscape architect Raymond Jungles
  • Grove at Grand Bay is a unique site within Miami
  • The dense canopy of Coconut Grove meets open water and the views from the site are breathtaking
  • The distance, up the coastline, the silhouette of downtown Miami lights up the skyline
  • At the edge of Biscayne Bay, discover a restorative retreat for the mind, healthful activities for the body, and elegant spaces for social connection
  • Find life at home as it should be, naturally in balance

Owners of Grove at Grand Bay's 97 elegant residences will enjoy exceptional features, services and amenities

  • Gardens Designed by Raymond Jungles Rooftop Pool
  • Terrace Glass Enclosed Tennis Court & Outdoor Event Space Children's Playground State-of-the-Art Wellness
  • Fitness Center with Skilled Personal Trainers Advanced Building-Wide
  • Technology Private Elevator Access to Residences
  • Private Elevator Access to Residencese Pet Grooming Services & Dog Walkers
  • Climate Controlled Parking Garages Climate Controlled Storage Areas
  • On the rooftop, an oasis of calm, infinite views
  • The natural beauty of the sea before you catches the light
  • carries you away with adventure, invites you to slip gently into moments of genuine tranquility
  • Just minutes from the elegant streets of Coconut Grove, Miami's finest restaurateurs, elite sporting venues and events, and renowned cultural institutions offer pleasure and excitement.
  • Ancient trees line the streets of Coconut Grove, their canopies gently filtering the sun, their deep roots holding the stories of Miami's most historic neighborhood
  • The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and the Barnacle Historic State Park are reminders of this community's enduring elegance
  • Annual festivals celebrate the arts, culture and cuisine. Open air cafes, art galleries, bakeries and boutiques set the stage for leisurely days spent in the company of friends
  • Grove at Grand Bay has been conceived as a community that speaks to people who seek a home and community that reflects the luxury of well lived
  • Its setting on the Biscayne Bay waterfront within the elegant Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, is a place of privilege, natural beauty, and historic importance
  • The developer of Grove at Grand Bay, Terra Group, retained two of the world's most imaginative and accomplished design firms to create a residential community that embraces and enhances the natural sophistication of this unique setting
  • BIG Architects has designed the residences and amenity spaces, and Raymond Jungles has designed the property's landscaping
  • The expertise of the architectural firm of Nichols, Brosch, Wrust, Wolfe + Associates will ensure faithful implementation of these designs

Architect BIG

BIG is a group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development with offices in Copenhagen and New York City. BIG has created a reputation for completing buildings that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious. In our architectural production we demonstrate a high sensitivity to the particular demands of site context and program.

BIG's recently completed projects include the 8 House (2010), the Danish Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai (2010), The Mountain (2008), Art Museum in Park City, Utah, The Helsing'r Psychiatric Hospital (2006), the VM Houses (2005), The Maritime Youth House (2004), and Copenhagen's Harbor Bath (2003), an urban space that transformed the area of Islands Brygge from a run down harborfront to the recreational and social center of the city. Current projects include: West 57th, a 600-unit residential building in Manhattan; the Danish Maritime Museum in Helsing'r; a new Educational Center on the Faroe Islands; a new National Gallery in Greenland; the Shenzhen Energy Mansion in China; and a waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen that will double as a ski slope.

BIG has two offices: the headquarters in Copenhagen and an office in New York City. We employ 100 architects, designers, and design assistants, with 75 in the Copenhagen office and 25 in New York City.

The Grove at Grand Bay enjoys a site unique to Miami. Where the dense canopy of Coconut Grove meets the open water, the views from the site are spectacular. The boats of the marina sway calmly the foreground, as the blue water stretches to the horizon uninterrupted. In the distance up the coastline, the silhouette of downtown Miami lights up the skyline.

The two towers of the Grove oscillate to take in the full breadth of these views. The towers take off from the ground with direct views to the marina, and as the buildings rise, they turn to a broader panorama that captures both the downtown skyline and the sailboat marina. This twisting motion creates a new landmark in the heart

Developer Terra Group

Terra Group is a leading Miami-based real estate development company. As a real estate development firm unlike any other in South Florida, Terra Group quickly cultivated a reputation as a trendsetter that creates high-end residential, commercial, land and mixed-use projects known for originality, attention to detail, and rich quality of community life.

Terra Group develops projects that positively impact and improve lives. Each property they take on is selected carefully with a special vision in mind. Rather than take on any project, Terra Group believes in only working with properties that speak to their imagination. The developers endlessly surprise residents by bringing exceptionally spectacular and unimaginable real estate to their front door.

Uniquely structured, Terra Group has the foresight to recognize opportunities or needs and has the perspective required to bring them to life.

"When the roots are deep one does not have to worry about the wind"

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2 Bedrooms Condos - For Sale

Unit# Price %/chg Maint Br/Ba/Half Living Area $P/SqFt M2 DOM Tour MLS
$1,375,000 $1,278 2/2/1 1,194 sf $1,152/sf 110.9 859 A10130902
$1,385,000 $1,289 2/2/1 1,226 sf $1,130/sf 113.9 859 A10130876
$3,400,000 $2,382 2/3/1 2,643 sf $1,286/sf 245.5 606 A10263055
Short Sale - Short Sale   Foreclosure - Foreclosure   Last updated : 12-18-2018

3 Bedrooms Condos - For Sale

Unit# Price %/chg Maint Br/Ba/Half Living Area $P/SqFt M2 DOM Tour MLS
$2,595,000 -5.64% $1,942 3/3/1 2,029 sf $1,279/sf 188.5 810 360o A10156460
$2,640,000 -4.00% $1,813 3/3/1 2,693 sf $980/sf 250.2 841 A10139930
$2,700,000 n/a 3/3/1 2,664 sf $1,014/sf 247.5 516 A10313080
$2,700,000 -3.57% $2,167 3/4/1 2,095 sf $1,289/sf 194.6 813 360o A10154454
$3,295,000 $2,943 3/3/1 2,995 sf $1,100/sf 278.2 496 A10325118
$3,750,000 $2,842 3/4/0 2,918 sf $1,285/sf 271.1 622 A10250629
Short Sale - Short Sale   Foreclosure - Foreclosure   Last updated : 12-18-2018

4 Bedrooms Condos - For Sale

Unit# Price %/chg Maint Br/Ba/Half Living Area $P/SqFt M2 DOM Tour MLS
$2,499,000 -24.27% n/a 4/4/1 2,980 sf $839/sf 276.8 837 A10141891
$3,295,000 -5.59% $2,820 4/4/1 3,005 sf $1,097/sf 279.2 512 360o A10314528
$3,750,000 $3,798 4/5/1 4,085 sf $918/sf 379.5 560 A10289291
$3,765,000 $3,993 4/5/1 - sf -/sf 0 442 A10347769
$3,790,000 -11.86% $3,798 4/5/1 4,085 sf $928/sf 379.5 665 A10226864
$4,150,000 n/a 4/4/1 4,276 sf $971/sf 397.2 448 A10344298
$5,100,000 -8.93% $3,535 4/5/1 3,811 sf $1,338/sf 354.0 720 360o A10198469
$5,995,000 -13.74% $3,673 4/5/1 3,949 sf $1,518/sf 366.9 740 360o A10189920
Short Sale - Short Sale   Foreclosure - Foreclosure   Last updated : 12-18-2018

5 Bedrooms Condos - For Sale

Unit# Price %/chg Maint Br/Ba/Half Living Area $P/SqFt M2 DOM Tour MLS
$2,900,000 -6.45% $3,995 5/5/1 4,100 sf $707/sf 380.9 454 360o A10341577
$4,775,000 4.37% $3,750 5/5/1 4,111 sf $1,162/sf 381.9 502 360o A10321984
$4,999,999 -13.79% $4,379 5/5/1 4,903 sf $1,020/sf 455.5 778 A10171402
$5,580,000 $4,686 5/6/1 5,134 sf $1,087/sf 476.9 560 A10288100
$5,800,000 -16.55% $5,202 5/4/1 5,692 sf $1,019/sf 528.8 826 A10147403
$6,500,000 n/a 5/6/1 5,522 sf $1,177/sf 513.0 662 A10230228
$6,500,000 -7.14% n/a 5/6/1 5,142 sf $1,264/sf 477.7 682 A10219602
$7,500,000 n/a 5/6/1 5,145 sf $1,458/sf 478.0 799 A10160705
$12,500,000 $5,052 5/6/1 5,522 sf $2,264/sf 513.0 488 A10329661
Short Sale - Short Sale   Foreclosure - Foreclosure   Last updated : 12-18-2018

6 Bedrooms Condos - For Sale

Unit# Price %/chg Maint Br/Ba/Half Living Area $P/SqFt M2 DOM Tour MLS
$4,999,999 $4,120 6/6/0 4,492 sf $1,113/sf 417.3 594 A10270194
Short Sale - Short Sale   Foreclosure - Foreclosure   Last updated : 12-18-2018

New Condo Market Watch

Condos Sold in the Last 6 Months

Sales Date Unit# BD/BA Sale Price List Price SqFt $/SqFt M2 $P/M2
07-13-2017 1202-S 4/5/1 3,830,000 4,350,000 3,745 sf $1,022.00/sf 347.9 mts $12,503 mts





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